General Informations:

Professor: May 2021- Present

Tel: 022-2576-7607

Academic Background:

Dr. Shobha Shukla is a Professor in the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.
She obtained her doctoral degree at the State University of New York/SUNY Buffalo, USA.
Subsequently she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.


Research Interests:

  • Nanophotonic devices
  • Nanomaterials
  • Metamaterials
  • Plasmonic devices

Selected Publications:

  • “Subwavelength direct laser patterning of conductive gold nanostructures bysimultaneous photo-polymerization and photo-reduction” Shobha Shukla, Xavier Vidal, Edward P Furlani, Mark T Swihart, K-T Kim, Y K Yoon, Augustine Urbas, Paras N Prasad; ACS Nano,2011, 5 (3), pp1947–1957;
    Highlighted in ACS Nano March 2011 Podcast (link);
    Also highlighted in PERSPECTIVE of same issue“Direct Writing of Metal Nanostructures: Lithographic Tools for Nanoplasmonics Research”
  • “Two-Photon Lithography of Sub-Wavelength Metallic Structures in a Polymer Matrix”Shobha Shukla, Edward P Furlani, Xavier Vidal, Mark T. Swihart, Paras N. Prasad;Advanced Materials2010, 22 (33), pp3695-3699.
  • “Fabrication and characterization of gold-polymer nanocomposite plasmonic nanoarrays in porous alumina template” Shobha Shukla, K T Kim, A Baev, Y K Yoon, P N PrasadACS Nano 2010(4), pp 2249–2255.
  • “Control of spontaneous emission of CdSe nanorods in a multi-refringent triangular lattice photonic crystal” Shobha Shukla, Rajiv Kumar, Alexander Baev, P N Prasad; Journal of Physical Chemistry-Letters2010, 1 (9), pp 1437– 1441.
  • “Efficient polymeric nanocomposite photodetectors from simple mixture of IR active quantum dots and carbon nanotube” S Shukla, T Ohulchanskyy, Y Sahoo, M Samoc, R Thapa, A Cartwright, P N Prasad; Journal of Physical Chemistry C2010, 114 (7), pp 3180–3184.
  • “Femtosecond laser assisted fabrication of 3D metallic nanostructures through photoreduction” Kevin Vora, S Kang, Shobha Shukla, Eric Mazur; Applied Physics Letters, (Under peer review)