Title of the course

  MM 474: Science and Technology of Thin Films    


Credit structure

L          T          P          C

2           1          0           6


Pre-requisite, if any



Course content

A. Vacuum components and systems : Need for vacuum, ways to achieve vacuum, determination of vacuum, dry and vapour pumps, pressure measurement gauges, conductance and other system design considerations. B. Thin film deposition techniques: Physical and chemical vapour deposition techniques including molecular beam epitaxy, laser ablation and hot wire and microwave CVD techniques. Film contamination, cosine law of deposition, conformal coverage and line of sight deposition. C. Growth of thin films: Thermodynamic and kinetic considerations of deposition of thin films by both CVD and PVD. In situ characterization of thin film deposition process. D. Characterization of thin films: Different methods of thickness measurements, electrical, optical, chemical and structural property determination. E. Some important applications of thin films: Hard and decorative coatings, semiconductor thin films, organic thin films.





1. Materials science of thin films, M. ohring, Academic press.2. Vacuum deposition of thin films, L. Holland, Chapman and Hall.3. Glow discharge processes, B. Chapman, Wiley, New York.4. Thin film phenomena, K.. Chopra, McGraw Hill, Yew York.



Instructor(s) name

Prof. R.O.Dusane