General Information

Assistant Professor : 1998-2003
Associate Professor : 2003-2007
Professor : 2007-Continued

Tel: +91-22-2576-7621

Academic Background:

  • B.E. Jadavpur University (1987)
  • M.S. University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) (1991)
  • Ph.D. Drexel University (1994)

Curriculum vitae

Information about the group

Research Interests

  • Crystallographic Texture
  • Microstructural Engineering
  • Thermomechanical Processing

Major Sponsored Research Projects (ongoing and recently completed)

  • Tata Steel (Reduction of Iron Ore) – 50 Lakhs. Ongoing. As PI.
  • Tata Steel + SERB-IRRD (Hole Expansion Ratio in Dual Phase Steel) – 1 crore. Ongoing. As PI.
  • Tata Steel + JSW (Residual Stresses in Hot Rolling): 70 lakhs. Ongoing. As PI.
  • DRDO (Bulb Bar Rolling) – 70 lakhs. Ongoing. As Co-PI.
  • AUSC-Igcar/DHI (Texture/Microtexture Analysis) - 5 Crore. Recently completed. As PI.SERB (Microstructural Origin of Residual Stresses) - 64 lakhs.Recently completed. As PI.
  • Tata Steel (CRGO hot working) - 50 lakhs.Recently completed. As PI.
  • Sandvik Materials Technology, Sweden (Duplex Stainless Steel) - 50 lakhs.Recently completed. As PI.   

        (Projects below 50 lakhs are not mentioned.)


  • "A Randomized Grain Boundary Austenitic Stainless Steel and a Process Thereof"; Application no. 1090/MUM/2002 dt 6-12-02. (Names: V. Kain, P.K. Dey, D.N. Wasnik and I. Samajdar). – Indian Patent
  • “Development of a very high resistance to sensitization in austenitic stainless steel through special heat treatment resulting in grain boundary structure modification”; Application no. 893/MUM/2008 dt 21-April-08. (Names: R.K. Dayal, Parvathanandini, Baldev Raj, S. Mulke and I. Samajdar).– Indian Patent; Also filed are European and US Patents.

Selected Publications:

  • Durgaprasad, A., Giri, S., Lenka, S., Kundu, S., Mishra, S., Chandra, S., Doherty, R.D. and Samajdar, I., 2017. Defining a relationship between pearlite morphology and ferrite crystallographic orientation. ActaMaterialia, 129, pp.278-289.
  • Thool, K., Patra, A., Fullwood, D., Krishna, K.M., Srivastava, D. and Samajdar, I., 2020. The role of crystallographic orientations on heterogeneous deformation in a zirconium alloy: A combined experimental and modeling study. International Journal of Plasticity, 133, p.102785.
  • Mehtani, H.K., Khan, M.I., Durgaprasad, A., Deb, S.K., Parida, S., Prasad, M.J.N.V., Fullwood, D., Doherty, R.D. and Samajdar, I., 2020. Oxidation behavior of interstitial free steel: The defining role of substrate crystallographic texture. ActaMaterialia, 190, pp.43-57

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