General Information

Associate Professor: Feb 2024 till present

Assistant Professor: Aug 2017 to Feb 2024

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Tel (office) : 022 2576 7609

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Academic Background

  • BE - Metallurgical Engineering - VRCE (now VNIT) Nagpur
  • M Tech - Meta. Engg. & Mat. Sci. - IIT Bombay Mumbai
  • PhD - Metallurgical Engineering - KU Leuven, Belgium

Research Interests

  • Steelmaking
  • Steel Cleanness
  • High Temperature Experimentation and Metallic Foams

Selected Publications

  • M. M. Pande, I Whiteside ‘Use of OES/PDA technique as an in-process control tool for measuring the cleanness level of critical steel grades’, SCANMET V conference proceedings, Lulea, Sweden (2016) pp. 1-10
  • M. M. Pande, M. Guo, B. Blanpain, ‘Inclusion formation and interfacial reactions between FeTi alloys and liquid steel at an early stage’, ISIJ International 53 (2013) pp. 629-638
  • M. M. Pande, M. Guo, S. Devisscher, B. Blanpain, ‘Influence of ferroalloy impurities and ferroalloy addition sequence on ultra low carbon (ULC) steel cleanliness after RH treatment’, Ironmaking & steelmaking 39 (2012) pp. 519-529
  • M. M. Pande, M. Guo, R. Dumarey, S. Devisscher, B. Blanpain‚ ‘Steel cleanliness determination in ultra low carbon steel by Pulse Discrimination Analysis-Optical Emission Spectroscopy technique’, ISIJ International 51 (2011) pp. 1778-1787
  • M. M. Pande, M. Guo, X. Guo, D. Geysen, S. Devisscher, B. Blanpain, P Wollants ‘Ferroalloy quality and steel cleanliness’, Ironmaking & steelmaking 37 (2010) pp. 502-511