General Information

Assistant Professor : October 2012-May 2018
Associate Professor : May 2018-till date
Tel: +(91 22) 2576 7642

Academic background:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D-2010): Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, KA.
  • Master of Engineering (M.E-2004): Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, KA.
  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech-2002): Metallurgical Engineering, Regional Engineering College (presently, National Institute of Technology), Warangal, AP.
  • Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering (D.Met.E-1997), MRAGR Govt. Polytechnic, Vizianagaram, AP.

Positions held:

  • Post-doctoral research associate (2011-2012), School of Engineering, Brown University, Providence, RI-02912, USA.
  • Assistant Professor (Since October 2012), Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, Mumbai. 

Awards & Recoginitions

  • Excellence in Teaching 2015 award with a cash prize of INR 20,000 from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIA.
  • INAE-Young Engineer 2013 award with a cash prize of INR 100,000 from Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi, INDIA.
  • Best Ph.D thesis 2010 in Materials Engineering with Prof. K P Abraham medal and a cash prize of INR 3,000 from IISc, Bangalore, INDIA.
  • 2010-Acta student award with a cash prize of USD 2000 for excellent paper published in Scripta Materialia journal, USA.
  • K K Malik Medal with a cash prize of INR 2,000 for academic excellence in M.E 2002-2004 from IISc, Bangalore, INDIA.

Research Interests

  • Nanocrystalline, Amorphous, Metal Matrix Composites and Implant Materials
  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials including Indentation, Fatigue, Creep and Superplasticity
  • Electrodeposition and Alloy Development
  • Oxidation and Protective Coatings

Research Projects

  • Optimization of hot workability and control of microstructure in Cu-Cr-Ti-Zr Alloy: An approach through thermo-mechanical simulation, ISRO, 2016-19
  • Nature of extraordinary high and low superplastic elongations in severely deformed ultrafine-grained Al-Mg-Sc-Zr alloy, DST, 2013-15.
  • Synthesis, microstructural stability and mechanical characteristics of Ni-Al and Ni-Ti based nano-EMMCs, IITB, 2012-16.
  • Thermo-mechanical behaviour of bond and top coats at various length scales and under high temperatures (Co-PI, Jointly with Krishna Jonnalagadda, ME), ARDB, 2016-21.
  • High strain rate deformation of aerospace Al alloys: Experimental studies and development of constitutive relationships (Co-PI, Jointly with Krishna Jonnalagadda, ME), ISRO, 2013-17.

Selected publications:

  • M J N V Prasad and A H Chokshi, “Deformation-induced thermally activated grain growth in nanocrystalline nickel,” Scripta Materialia, 67 (2012) 133-136.
  • M J N V Prasad and A H Chokshi, “Microstructural stability and superplasticity in an electrodeposited nanocrystalline Ni-P alloy,” Acta Materialia, 59 (2011) 4055-4067.
  • M J N V Prasad and A H Chokshi, “Extraordinary high strain rate superplasticity in electrodeposited nano-nickel and alloys,” Scripta Materialia, 63 (2010) 136-139.
  • M J N V Prasad, S Suwas and A H Chokshi, “Microstructural evolution and mechanical characteristics in nanocrystalline nickel with a bimodal grain size distribution,” Materials Science and Engineering A 503 (2009) 86-91.
  • M P Phaniraj, M J N V Prasad and A H Chokshi, “Grain-size distribution effects in plastic flow and failure,” Materials Science and Engineering A 463 (2007) 231-237.

Total publications (Nov. 2012): 10