Assistant Professor: March 2022-till now

E-mail: prasannamural[at]

Fax: (+91-22) 2572 6975

Google Scholar:

Research interests:

  • Polymer nanocomposites,
  • Antibacterial membranes,
  • Piezotribo-electric materials,
  • Electrospinning

Academic Background:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (D Phil, 2017) from Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
  • M.B.A (Total Quality Management, 2012) from Sikkim Manipal 
  • Masters of Technology (M Tech, 2009) in Plastic Engineering from Centre for Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Bhubaneshwar, BPUT, Odisha, India
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B E, 2006) in Chemical Engineering, from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Mangalore, India

Positions held

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala 673601 Jun 2018 - March 2022
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Meiring Naudé Road Brummeria, Pretoria 0001, South Africa Dec 2017 – Jun 2018
  • Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India May 2017 – Nov 2017
  • Adhoc Faculty, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala 673601
  • Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, Rural Engineering College, Hulkoti, Gadag, Karnataka, India June 2011 – July 2012
  • Promoter and Head, Assurance of Industrial Products and Services, Nidagundi, Bijapur, Karnataka, India Feb 2010 – June 2011
  • Management Trainee (Quality), Premium Polyalloys Pvt. Ltd. Daman, India Aug 2009- Feb 2010

Selected Publications:

  • Chandran, A. M., & Mural, P. K. S. (2022). Surface silanized MWCNTs doped PVDF nanocomposite with self-organized dipoles: an intrinsic study on the dielectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, and energy harvesting phenomenology. Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 6(6), 1641-1653.
  • Chandran, A. M., Varun, S., Karumuthil, S. C., Varghese, S., & Mural, P. K. S. (2021). Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Coated with (3-Aminopropyl) triethoxysilane as Additives for Boosting the Dielectric, Ferroelectric, and Piezoelectric Properties of Poly (vinylidene fluoride) Films for Energy Harvesting. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 4(2), 1798-1809.
  • Chandran, A. M., Varun, S., & Mural, P. K. S. (2020). Development of self-poled PVDF/MWNT flexible nanocomposites with a boosted electroactive β-phase. New Journal of Chemistry, 44(34), 14578-14591
  • Mural, P. K. S.; Jain, S.; Kumar, S.; Madras, G.; Bose, S., Unimpeded permeation of water through biocidal graphene oxide sheets anchored on to 3D porous polyolefinic membranes. Nanoscale 2016, 8 (15), 8048-8057
  • Mural, P. K. S.; Pawar, S. P.; Jayanthi, S.; Madras, G.; Sood, A. K.; Bose, S., Engineering nanostructures by decorating magnetic nanoparticles onto Graphene Oxide Sheets to shield electromagnetic radiations. ACS applied materials & interfaces 2015, 7 (30), 16266-16278
  • Mural, P. K. S.; Banerjee, A.; Rana, M. S.; Shukla, A.; Padmanabhan, B.; Bhadra, S.; Madras, G.; Bose, S., Polyolefin based antibacterial membranes derived from PE/PEO blends compatibilized with amine terminated graphene oxide and maleated PE. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2014, 2 (41), 17635-17648

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2022      Young Faculty Award by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • 2016       Young Scientist Travel Grant by Department of Science and Technology (DST)
  • 2015       Graduate Student Travel Grant by International Workshop on Advance Materials (IWAM)


  • Sustainable Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Edited by, Noel Jacob Kaleekkal, Prasanna Kumar S Mural, Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran, Upal Ghosh, CRC Press – 2021
  • Nano-Enabled Technologies for Water Remediation Edited by Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran, Noel Jacob Kaleekkal, Prasanna Kumar S Mural, Elsevier Science – 2022


  • Antibacterial Membranes, Department of Chemical Engineering, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Faculty Development Programme on "Recent Trends in Environmental Engineering" from 15th to 20th July 2019
  • Antibacterial membranes for purifying water, Technical Programme of Seminar on Membrane Research: Today & Tomorrow Organized by National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology Ranchi, Jharkhand, India on 19th March 2021