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Circulars issued

Dorilal Agarawal National Meritorious Scholarship 2018 New
Payment of fees for the Spring Semester (2018-2019) New
Submission of On-line grades for the End Semester Examination for Half Semester Courses - Autumn Semester (2018-19)
Circular for Central Sector Scholarship Scheme of Top Class Education for SC/ST students
Attention M.Tech./M.Phil. Students of 2017 Batch and part time/RA of 2016 Batch Ist Stage Project Submission and Assessment
Circular of Interest - Subvention under Vidyalaxmi scheme (2018-19)
Circular for Scholarships & Remission of Fees (2018-19)
Semester wise registration and presentation of Annual Progress Seminar (APS) by all Research Scholars
Grade Conversion Formula for Students Exchange Programme
Scholarships for the students with disabilities sponsored by National Handicapped Finance and Devlopment Corporation (NHFDC)
Circular for Award of Ph.D. Degree twice in a year

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