IIT Bombay Celebrates Alumni Day 2023
Alumni Day 2023
  • Distinguished Service Award bestowed on one alumnus
  • Chapter Service Awards bestowed on four alumni
  • The Silver Jubilee batch (Class of ’98) pledged Rs. 57 crores towards the Legacy Project
  • The Golden Jubilee Batch (Class of ‘73) pledged a total of Rs 7.15 crores
  • Alumni appreciation and gratitude programme
  • Launch of IIT Bombay’s annual fundraiser ‘GO-IIT Bombay’ campaign

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) celebrated its annual Alumni Day today at VMCC on the campus. The event began with a warm welcome by Prof. Ravindra Gudi, Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations), IIT Bombay. This was followed by an address by Prof. S. Sudarshan, Deputy Director (Academic and Infrastructural Affairs) and Prof. K.V.K. Rao, Deputy Director (Finance and External Affairs), IIT Bombay, highlighting the Institute’s progress over the years.

In his address, Prof. Sudarshan said, “The success of our alumni in every aspect of life has made us proud, and enhanced IIT Bombay’s reputation all over the world. Our alumni have also been giving back in multiple ways, including record-breaking donations, serving on numerous advisory boards in IIT Bombay, helping make connections between our faculty/ students and industry, and some are contributing directly as faculty, professors of practice and other roles. We are very grateful for the wonderful support we are getting from our alumni, which will help build IIT Bombay’s infrastructure to a level we can be justifiably proud of, and help us take IIT Bombay to even greater levels of excellence in the years to come”.

This year’s Distinguished Service Award (instituted in 1999) was bestowed on Gajanan Vithal Gandhe, B.Tech., 1986, Civil Engineering. Besides being an achiever in his own chosen domain, Mr. Gandhe has made a significant and enduring contribution to the advancement of the Institute. The award consists of a certificate, a memento and an uttaria.

The Chapter Service Awards (instituted during the Diamond Jubilee year celebrations) are given to select alumni who have contributed consistently to the progress of their Chapters and the Institute. The awardees for this year include Mr. Kicha Ganapathy, B.Tech., 1967, Electrical Engineering (Chapter: New York); Mr. Deepak Digambar Thite, M.Tech., 1996, Mechanical Engineering (Chapter: Pune); Mr. Amit Gupta, B.Tech., 2002, Chemical Engineering (Chapter: Japan); and Ms. Tarana Gupta, M. Design, 2009, IDC (Chapter: New York).

In his address, Mr. Ravishankar Gedela, CEO of IIT Bombay-DRF, celebrated the achievements of its alumni community and recognized their continued support and giving back to the Institute. IIT Bombay also recognized its top donors of 2023 by unveiling a Donor Wall on the occasion. The Donor Wall acknowledges their generosity and sustained philanthropic support for various causes to their beloved alma mater. IIT Bombay’s commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of its academic and research endeavours. With a vision of ranking amongst the top universities worldwide, IIT Bombay launched the 3rd edition of its annual fund-raising campaign ‘GO-IIT Bombay’ for the year 2023-2024. The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Invest in Excellence. Shape Tomorrow’. The campaign is a concerted effort by the Institute to engage a wide spectrum of its alumni community. The Institute aims to harness the power of collective giving and welcomes all contributions - substantial or modest - towards the various causes that will propel IIT Bombay on its continued journey of excellence. The core causes for this year’s GO IITB campaign include Student Scholarships, Project Evergreen (hostel infrastructure) and the Institute Development Fund.

The Silver Jubilee Batch (class of 1998) has pledged a sum of Rs. 57 crores towards its Legacy Project. The Legacy Project is a way for alumni to come together with their batchmates to give back to their alma mater and leave behind a lasting legacy and remembrance of their milestone reunions. The Class of 1998's contribution exceeded the significant donation of Rs 41 crore made by the Class of 1971 during their Golden Jubilee celebrations at the Institute in 2022.

The funds raised by the Class of 1998 will help the Institute support key academic projects and the research landscape at IIT Bombay. They include Project Evergreen, which aims to create sustainable and eco-friendly hostels for students; Makerspace labs to foster scientific and technological innovation and creativity; and Student Aid initiatives (including Scholarships) to fuel the aspirations of the next generation of students at the Institute. The funds raised will also help drive IIT Bombay's ambitious 2030 vision of ranking among the world's top 50 universities and fostering a legacy of excellence on the global stage.

Alumni members from the 1998 batch Mr. Amit Khandelwal, Mr. Apoorv Saxena, Mr. Ashutosh Gore, and Mr. Sharad Geonka, spoke on behalf of their class and said, “We are a very diverse batch, with people spread across 100+ cities across the world and are involved in startups to corporates, social causes and non-profits. But we all share some great memories and timeless bonds that were forged during the formative years of our lives and sustained through many family visits and connections over the years. This year when we got together there was another big focus for us: the spirit of giving back inspired by alumni such as Nandan Nilekani and previous silver jubilee batches. We are glad all this came together in this record raise supported by all the donors and the volunteers. We hope this helps to make IIT Bombay one of the premier global universities in the coming years and inspires other alumni to give back as well”.

The Golden Jubilee Batch (class of 1973) has pledged a total of Rs 7.15 crores to support two causes: C1973 EV Power Train Laboratory and C1973 Faculty Awards for Excellence in Research.

Setting up the C1973 EV Power Train Laboratory will allow IIT Bombay to leverage its exceptionally talented pool of faculty, globally competitive scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, to take the lead in the indigenization of EV research and technology. While it will initially focus on 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, small cars, and light commercial vehicles (which account for the lion’s share of EV sales in India), the Lab will also support India’s journey toward becoming a worldwide hub for small EVs.

C1973 Faculty Awards for Excellence in Research.

The awards will promote and recognize original research from IITB's young faculty and encourage them to conduct and publish impactful and viable research in peer-reviewed and globally reputed academic journals. This will help increase the visibility of IIT Bombay as a premier research-driven Institute in the world, even as the impact of its practical research will help in nation-building.

Alumni members from the Golden Jubilee batch (1973) Mr. Deepak Gupte and Mr. Rajendra Bhinge spoke on behalf of their class and said, “Our batch meticulously reviewed various ongoing projects at the institute to determine the best fit for their legacy initiative. After careful consideration, the EV Power Train Lab and Faculty Award for Research Excellence emerged as the chosen projects due to their potential impact. This pivotal step marked a significant stride in recognizing and encouraging outstanding research within the institute. This strategic choice not only aligns with our commitment to excellence but also sets the stage for a transformative era of innovation and academic achievement at the institute”.

Several Institute functionaries, alumni and their family members, faculty, staff and students attended the function. They served as a testament to the Institute's profound legacy and the steadfast dedication of its alumni. The collaborative spirit among the attendees transformed the occasion into a genuinely memorable and enriching experience.