Event venues

Venues for official events

IIT Bombay offers a variety of venues suitable for different purposes, including lectures, seminars, conferences, and personal events. Below, you'll find details about each venue, including their capacity and associated rules.

To book rooms for academic purpose, visit here.

For everything else contact:
Shri. Deepak Malode
Mobile: 9769535686
Intercom: 7984/2808
email id: pasystem@iitb.ac.in

Rules of booking and usage of venues

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Victor Menezes Convention Centre (VMCC)

The Victor Menezes Convention Center (VMCC) features a fully-equipped auditorium, seminar rooms, lounges, and more, capable of accommodating multiple simultaneous sessions and poster presentations.

More details regarding rules and cost are given in the above pdf.

VMCC Lecture hall
VMCC Lecture hall
VMCC Lecture hall

VMCC also includes Prof. B. Nag auditorium (350 seaters).

A warped view of B. Nag auditoriam

Lecture Hall Complex

IIT Bombay has multiple lecture rooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms available for booking, and you can choose one that suits your needs and the number of students. Here are the room options to match your requirements:

  • IC rooms (110 seaters, total 3 in number) [Picture is not available]
LA rooms in lecture complex

LA and HA halls  (350 and 240 seaters, total 8 in number)

LH rooms in lecture complex

LC rooms (150 seaters, total 8 in number)

LT rooms in lecture complex

LT (60 seaters, total 24 in number)

Lecture rooms for non-academic purposes can be booked only in the non-lecture hours. Lecture hours include 8.30 AM to 8.30 PM on working days.

Auditoriums (For conducting lectures, seminars, and meetings)

IIT Bombay also has the following standalone auditoriums.

Convocation hall at IIT Bombay

Convocation hall (1400 seaters)

Convocation foyer at IIT Bombay

Convocation Foyer (part of convocation hall)

LT PCS Auditorium

P. C. Saxena auditorium (350 seaters)

Venues for personal/official events

The following venues can be booked for personal/official events by the staff of IIT Bombay. The rules are given in the above pdf.

Dining tables in Gulmohar 3rd floor

Gulmohar 3rd floor hall (A/C) (Capacity 100)

View of terrace of Gulmohar building

Gulmohar Terrace (non-A/C) (capacity 80)

Guest House Lawn

Guest House Lawn (Capacity 500)

Kshitij Lawn

Kshitij Lawn (Capacity 400)


Inside of lake side community hall

Lake side community hall (Capacity 400)


Late evening outside picture of hill side community hall

Hill side community hall with lawn (Capacity 200)

Booking student hostels

Allotment of hostels for various conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events

The institute regularly hosts conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, and similar events. Participants attending these gatherings are provided accommodation in different campus hostels. To obtain the hostel rules, event organizers must submit a request to the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) well in advance. A confirmation regarding the request will typically be provided approximately two weeks before the event date.

Allotments of hostels rooms to interns

Hostel rooms are assigned to external summer interns and interns during winter vacation, on the condition that they are collaborating with a faculty member from IIT Bombay. Interns must complete necessary formalities, including registration and payment of internship fees, through the academic office. Subsequently, during working hours, they can visit the hostel coordinating unit (HCU) for accommodation allocation. Please note that rooms for interns are always shared. Interns are recommended not to request an extension of their stay in the hostels.

Allotments of hostels rooms to the candidates visiting IIT for various interviews for admission school the academic programme of the institute (M.Tech., M.Sc., Ph.D. etc.)

Hostel rooms are assigned to candidates who are scheduled to appear for written test interviews as part of the admission process for various academic programs at the Institute. These allocations are for a brief period of 3-4 days. An online portal is typically activated approximately 10-20 days before the written test and interview dates. Detailed instructions are provided when the portal is launched.

Allotment of guest accommodation to the parents, whose children are studying in IIT Bombay

Guest accommodations for parents visiting their children who are studying at IIT Bombay are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Accommodation is available for a maximum period of one week.
  • Shared accommodation is provided in one of the hostels, if it is available.
  • Accommodation is provided for the father, mother, husband, wife, and siblings (only if accompanied by at least one of the parents), as well as other relatives (only if accompanied by at least one of the parents).