Diversity and inclusion

IIT Bombay is dedicated to creating a work environment and campus atmosphere that is welcoming and conducive to the growth and development of each individual to their maximum potential. While comprehensive support systems and grievance redressal mechanisms are in place for all employees and students, we have also established specific entities for more focused assistance. The Institute is committed to ensuring that all facilities and support mechanisms are readily accessible, and we encourage suggestions for continuous improvement. Contact details and additional information for these entities are provided below.
Each of these units guarantees the confidentiality of those seeking their services, and we encourage all employees and students to reach out whenever necessary and to offer suggestions to help us achieve the objectives of these units.

SC/ ST/ PWD Liaison Cell (Staff)

The Institute is committed to maintain a work environment wherein faculty, staff and student members from different community can work in a coherent environment. It is the Institute's endeavor to ensure that no discrimination takes place at workplace or inside the Institute campus.

The Institute has appointed Liaison Officers who can be contacted in the event of any incident of discrimination.

Contact details

Liaison Officer Name: Dr. Shrikant G.Patil

Designation: Chief Medical Officer

Department: Hospital,IIT Bombay

Contact No: 022-2576 7051
E-Mail: liaison.officer.scst@iitb.ac.in
Meeting Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Meeting Location: IIT Bombay Hospital

OBC Liaison Cell

OBC Liaison Cell looks into the grievances received from the OBC employees/students and renders them necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems. Grievances can be filed/reported by an e-mail to liaison.officer.obc@iitb.ac.in. The grievance can also be submitted in hardcopy at the office of OBC Liaison Cell.

The IIT Bombay Competent Authority has officially endorsed the mandate and roles of the OBC
Liaison Cell as given below:

The mandates include:
  • Ensure effective implementation of the OBC reservation policy within the Institute.
  • Apply reservation policies for OBCs in admissions, teaching and non-teaching appointments, and administrative roles.
  • Achieve the Government of India's objectives and benchmarks for reservation.
  • Continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve the reservation policy in alignment with the Government's program.
  • Prevent discrimination against OBC employees and students based on social origin.
  • Take prompt action against any official or faculty member involved in such incidents.
Roles of the OBC Liaison Cell are:
  • Disseminate orders and rulings from the Government of India and OBC Commission.
  • Collect reports and information regarding Government directives for OBC education, training, and employment.
  • Analyze collected data and prepare reports for submission to the Ministry.
  • Address grievances and representations from OBC candidates on admission, recruitment, promotion, and related matters.
  • Monitor the remedial coaching scheme if approved.
  • Assist OBC students and employees in resolving academic and administrative issues.
  • Maintain a register of OBC employment across various positions.
  • Undertake additional tasks to promote higher education in deprived communities.
  • Raise awareness and responsiveness to caste discrimination among Institute officials and faculty members.

Contact details

Liaison Officer Name: Mr. Dharmendra S. Chaurasia
Office Address:

403, Application Software Centre,

New CC Building,

IIT Bombay

Contact No: 022-2576 4732
E-Mail: liaison.officer.obc@iitb.ac.in
Meeting Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm