Student affairs office

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) campus offers a quintessential environment conducive to engaging students in a variety of recreational and extracurricular pursuits. The aim of this initiative is to cultivate a passion for extracurricular activities right from the first-year of their undergraduate program. The Student Affairs Office at IITB holds the responsibility of overseeing and managing all facets of student life on the campus. This function is effectively executed through two main entities:

  • The Hostels Coordinating Unit (HCU) manages activities related to student accommodation and related services.
  • The Students Gymkhana, equipped with a team of exceptionally skilled sports officers and instructors, spearheads the management and execution of various sports-related activities. Additionally, the Gymkhana is like the main hub that helps organize all the cultural activities and events that students participate in.

Welcome to immerse yourself in the dynamic and enriching experience of hostel life at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Our hostels extend beyond mere accommodation, providing a multifaceted environment conducive to student growth and engagement. Equipped with modern facilities and a plethora of cultural activities, our aim is to foster a nurturing and interactive community for our residents. Our hostels boast well-appointed rooms, comprehensive common areas, and a vibrant selection of clubs and events, all designed to cultivate a sense of unity and friendship. Embark with us on a journey replete with educational enrichment, the forging of lasting friendships, and the creation of enduring memories.

Situated at the minus one level of the main building at IIT Bombay, the Hostel Coordinating Unit (HCU) plays a crucial role in the administration and coordination of the campus's 17 hostels (including hostels numbered 1-6, 9-18, and Tansa). The HCU is also responsible for overseeing the workforce within the centralized hostel management system, ensuring efficient and effective operation across the residential spectrum.

Hostel coordinating unit

The Hostel Coordinating Unit (HCU) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay meticulously manages several key aspects of hostel administration, ensuring a harmonious and efficient operation. The areas under its purview include:

  • Facilitating coordination amongst the hostels to align on common interests and policies, thereby fostering a cohesive residential community.
  • Overseeing the catering services across the hostels. This includes managing the tender selection process and formulating catering policies in conjunction with the Hostel Wardens' Council. These policies are then implemented under the guidance and supervision of the HCU.
  • Issuing no-dues certificates to students upon their graduation, certifying that all hostel-related dues have been cleared.
  • Allocating hostel accommodations for various institute events such as conferences and workshops. The HCU coordinates with event organizers who are required to adhere to hostel regulations and must request accommodations from the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) well in advance.
  • Assigning hostel rooms to interns and candidates who are visiting IIT Bombay for purposes such as interviews or academic admissions (including M.Tech., M.Sc., and Ph.D. programs).
  • Providing accommodation facilities to the parents of students enrolled in the institute, ensuring a comfortable stay during their visits.
Hostel booking rules
  • At the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the process for graduating students to obtain a no-dues certificate encompasses several steps. Initially, students must secure a no-dues certificate from their respective hostels, following which they can request one from the Hostel Coordinating Unit (HCU). The necessary forms for this certificate are obtainable at the HCU office.
  • Room allocation for external summer and winter interns collaborating with IIT Bombay faculty is systematically managed. Interns are required to fulfill academic office formalities before approaching the HCU during working hours to finalize their room allocation. These rooms are typically shared, and interns are advised not to seek extensions beyond their designated stay period.
  • Candidates attending written tests and interviews for the institute’s academic programs are offered short-term room allotments, generally spanning 3-4 days. An online portal for this purpose becomes active 10-20 days before the test, with detailed instructions released at that time.
  • Regarding guest accommodations for parents visiting students at IIT Bombay, specific norms are in place:
    • Accommodation is provided for a maximum duration of one week.
    • Shared accommodation is offered in the hostels, subject to availability.
    • Accommodation is available for immediate family members, including father, mother, spouse, and siblings (if accompanied by at least one parent), as well as other relatives (also contingent on the presence of a parent).
    • Students are expected to maintain decorum during their stay on campus.
  • The student body at IIT Bombay is structured into two levels of hostel affairs councils:
    • Institute Level Hostel Affairs Council, comprising the General Secretary of Hostel Affairs and Institute Secretaries of Hostel Affairs (3 for undergraduate students and 1 for postgraduate students. Contact details for these positions are as follows:
      • General Secretary, Hostel Affairs: Pratham Kapure (
      • Institute Secretaries, Hostel Affairs: Rathin Asodariya, Vikash Swami, Nishant Sharma, Shubham Rathod (
    • Hostel Level: Hostel Council, consisting of Hostel General Secretaries and various Hostel Councilors (Sports, Technical, Maintenance, Mess, Cultural).
  • Hostel life at IIT Bombay is vibrant and includes a range of activities such as general championships (GC), gala dinners, tea parties, special dinners, hostel festivals, and intra-hostel games and competitions.
  • Each double occupancy hostel room is furnished with basic items like a bed, chair, study table, and cupboard. Students are expected to purchase other necessary items at their own expense, except for electrical items.
  • IIT Bombay houses 17 hostels, with specific designations: 3 female hostels, 1 co-ed hostel, and 13 male hostels, each with its unique identity and name as follows:
    • Hostel 1 (Queen of the Campus)
    • Hostel 2 (The Wild Ones)
    • Hostel 3 (Vitruvians)
    • Hostel 4 (Madhouse)
    • Hostel 5 (Penthouse)
    • Hostel 6 (Vikings)
    • Hostel 9 (Pluto)
    • Hostel 10 (Phoenix)
    • Hostel 11 (Athena)
    • Hostel 12 (Crown of the Campus) 
    • Hostel 13 (House of Titans)
    • Hostel 14 (The Silicon Ship)
    • Hostel  15 (Trident)
    • Hostel  16 (Olympus)
    • Hostel  17 (Kings Landing)
    • Hostel  18
    • Tansa

For comprehensive details about every aspect of hostel life, students and visitors can refer to the Hostel Affairs Website: