Advisory for users on Corona Virus

Dear Campus residents,

We are in a lockdown situation till Apr 14, and the situation beyond also looks uncertain (Virus only knows when normalcy will return!). In an emergency meeting of the Deans and some of the other fundtionaries of the Institute, the following decisions have been taken for managing the day-to-day activities of the campus. These arrangements are based on the situation prevailing today, and may change depending on how the situation evolves. We shall keep you updated. 

All are requested to note and co-operate.

1. Supplies of essential goods (vegetables, groceries, etc): Please plan to order these in. Some shops in the Powai area seem to be taking orders for delivery, and other e-tailers are also coming on line. The delivery agents may be stopped at the Gate and you may get a call requesting for authentication by the security. Based on your authentication, the delivery agent will be allowed to deliver the things you have ordered, to your home. If there is no payment to be made to the delivery agent and if it is convenient for you to collect the materials at the gate itself without the delivery agent having to come inside, please advise the security accordingly and collect your materials at the gate. 

2.  The essential services in the Y-point market are remaining open. Please make sure to avoid crowding when you visit these shops. The security section has made markings at 3 ft intervals near the shops for maintaining adequate person-to-person separation.

3.  The vegetable market on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Staff canteen will continue to function. The same advisory on maintaining inter-person distance applies. We are trying to make similar arrangements for other supplies, and you will be informed in due course about the success of such attempts.

4. As already advised, please discontinue your domestic help, cook etc (especially if coming from off campus, or if going off campus to work in places outside) for this period by giving a kind of paid leave. Caregivers coming for providing medical care to the elderly are exempted. The Security section will provide special passes for them, on your recommendation.

5. Please do not encourage social visits during this period. Also avoid congregating in the common areas of your buildings in the evening hours. Children have to be made aware of the seiousness of the situation and prevented from gathering for games or other diversions during this period.

Phone numbers of General services near campus for information:

  • Chhadwa stores: 022-25787845
  • Aruna Grain Stores: 022-25782323
  • Maharashtra Grain Stores: 022-25782137



A committee, convened by Associate Dean Prof. N.N. Vishwanathan, has been constituted to  constantly monitor the  situation with regard to supply of  essential to  the  campus  community, taking  in view of developments inside and outside  the campus. Any  residents with suggestions  may please email thesame to the convener on

As of now the following options  are available for fruits and vegetables, groceries and other essentials. This information will be updated as and when more options become available.

1. Online Options:

i) DMart (Only group orders are accepted)

ii) Amazon (is delivering groceries to the campus)

iii) Paytm Grocery

2. IIT Shopping area at Y-Point: The vegetable shop (Shree Sai Fruits and Vegetables shop) and grocery story (Maharashtra Grain store) are open and usually reasonably  well stocked as of now.

3. BI_Weekly Fruit/ Veggies Market: A fruit and vegetable market is held in the Staff Canteen area on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2 pm to 8 pm and is managed by the Consumers' Co-op Siciety of IIT Bombay.

4. Market area outside IIT: Vendors such as Chhadva stores, Rakesh Fruits and Vegetables, Powai Grain store etc. are taking orders through  WhatsApp and inform the customers one their order is ready for pick up. The order has usually to be picked up at the stores.

- Chhadva stores  Whatsapp messaging number: 9820722996. 

One can also go physically after 11.00 am and give a list of items and then collect it in the evening. 

- Chakki Fresh Aata can be ordered at 08655304040 (The shop is in chetan Nagar).

The delivery is on the Main Gate

- Rakesh Fruits and Vegetables: 9920656818

- Powai Grain Stores: need to go directly  to  buy  items

- Online shopping source: dunzo ( - delivers apparently fast  



Contact details of General Secretaries:


  Name Contact Number Email ID
General Secretary Academic Affairs (PG)

2021-22: Krishnaraj K.



General Secretary Academic Affairs (UG)

2021-22: Hrishikesh Baviskar



General Secretary Hostel Affairs

2021-22: Saket Mohta



General Secretary Technical Affairs

2021-22: Tejas Sakhalkar



General Secretary Cultural Affairs

2021-22: Jishnu K. Ramakrishnan

General Secretary Sport Affairs

2021-22: Sadaksh Chauhan






  1. People returning from recent travels abroad, or who have been in contact with such people, should fill the short questionnaire attached and mail it to Dean-FA (if faculty or PDF) or Dean (SA) (if student) or Registrar (if a member of the staff) or Dean (R&D) (if project staff). These will be scanned frequently and the person advised to report at the hospital if needed. In any case, such people should quarantine themselves at home (or ask to be quarantined in the hostel) for 14 days as advised.
  2. If such a person is already showing some symptoms or has an unidentified illness, (s)he should report to the hospital directly.
  3. As regards the basic protective measures against the virus (particularly staff/faculty/students who have to commute from off campus for work), follow the general instructions available from trusted sites ONLY, such as

    and NOT sundry advisories circulating on social media, to keep yourself safe from infection.


The following numbers are available for contacting 24X7 for reporting any suspected case and for seeking advice:

  1. HOSPITAL: Extension 1110 
  2. SECURITY: 1100, 1122 
    • Gurpreet Singh (GS, H16): 9464208257; 
    • Akshay Nair (GS, H13): 8291585637; 
    • Radhik Rammohan (GSAA-PG Elect) 9712132512

Copies of Advisories:

 1. 30th March 2020   Contact details  of Student Counsellors  

The document containing contact details (in the next column 'REPORT') of Student Counsellors is password protected. Please check student-notices for the same. 

Clicking here will download a password-protected file with the required information to your disk. The password has been mailed to you on student notices

2. 6th April 2020   Information for students from IIT Hospital

'COVID-10: What can you do?'

Click here to view the file

3. 31st March 2020   FAQs

FAQs regarding academic and other matters during COVID-19

Click here to view the FAQs regarding academic and other matters during COVID-19 

4. 30th March 2020   To Students from Dean (Academic Programme)

Academic Matters - Spring Semester 2019-20

For Projects/ Summer training for External Students: All summer internship offers from IIT Bombay to  external students stand cancelled because of the uncertainty due to Covid-19 outbreak. Candidates who  paid fees, are requested to write to [,] for refund of fees.

Click here to view the email and revised academic calendar for Spring Semester 2019-20

5. 29th March 2020   Survey for Students for compiling FAQ from Institute General Secretary

Letter for student notices on FAQ by Institute General Secretary

Click here to view copy of letter

6. 20th March 2020    No. REG/ C-11/ 2020

Staff deployment policy in view of the COVID-19 virus situation and Institute facilities being used for quarantine and DoPT circular from Registrar's Office

Click here to view copy of circulars

7. 19th March 2020  


IITB Guidelines on home quarantine

Click here to view copy of guidelines on home quarantine

8. 19th March 2020    

Guidelines for home quarantine given by the Government of India

Click here to view copy of guidelines on home quarantine by the Govt. of India

9. 18th March 2020   No. REG/C-11/2020

This circular is in continuation to the earlier circular No. AO/Admin. V/2020 dated March 16, 2020 on the preventive measures against the spread of Corona Virus in the IIT Bombay campus from the Registrar's Office

Click here to view copy of the circular

10. 18th March 2020    

Article from Science on the best practices for sanitising hands etc.

Click here to read the article

11. 18th March 2020    

The origin, transmission and clinical therapies on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak - an update on the status

Click here to view the review report

12. 17th March 2020    

Further measures to contain the spread of novel Corona Virus in IITB Campus from Director's Office

Click here to view copy of the notification

13. 16th March 2020    

Updates from the Task Force Committee

Click here to view copy of the notification

14. 16th March 2020  

No. AO/Admin.V/2020

Preventive measures against the spread of Corona Virus from Registrar's Office

Click here to view copy of the notification

15.  14th March 2020   No. Corona-2020/ CR-58/ Aarogya-5  Whereas State Government has decided to invoke provisions of Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 vide Notification No. Corona 2020/ CR 58/ Aarogya-5, dated 13th March, 2020 from the date of issue of the notification, 

Click here to view copy of the notification