COVID-19 Advisory

DATE: 5 Aug 2020: Instructions for Online Semester

DATE: JULY 30, 2020: Autumn 2020 Semester Online

The autumn semester 2020 of IIT Bombay will be run in a purely online manner, with classes starting on August 10, 2020.  The first week is meant for faculty and students to get familiar with the technology platforms.  Instructors may start regular classes from August 17th, and latest by August 24th, 2020. 



The news  titled “IITs look at various options to deal with annual exams if travel restrictions continue” published by ET on May 6, 2020 is grossly incorrect and unsubstantiated. IIT Bombay denies that any such decision has been taken.

The academic senate of IIT Bombay is examining all options to steer the current semester in view of Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions, while keeping also in mind the importance of rigorous academic curriculum that contribute to build students' future career.

Once a decision is undertaken by the academic senate of IIT Bombay, the same will be declared on the IIT Bombay homepage.



The issue of summer  internship of external students to IIT Bombay is  reviewed by the concerned authority. It is now decided that external students can be offered summer internship opportunities from IIT Bombay only remotely, which will require no physical presence at IIT Bombay. All other terms and conditions will remain the same.


We are running several summer courses to enable students to complete graduation requirements by July 2020. These courses are being offered under the following terms:

  1. Registration is open to students (UG and PG) who are in their final year or for whom the regular tenure of the degree is over.
  2. Upto 4 courses can be taken in the summer. In courses with limited seats, preference is given to students who have upto 4 courses required to complete the mandatory credits.
  3. A course for which a student is currently registered (in Spring 2020) CANNOT be taken as a summer course.
  4. Courses are being run in self-study mode and evaluation for all such courses will be completed by 9th June 2020.
  5. The list of courses running during the summer term is available at, and is being updated once a day:
  6. So far registrations have been done manually by academic section staff after checking conditions 1 and 2 above - and based on lists forwarded by department heads. I am very thankful to Heads of departments, and staff members in academic section as well as ASC for their efforts.
  7. Moodle has been enabled for all courses that are running and should be accessible from outside campus without VPN. Please check it regularly because that will be used by instructors to disseminate course related information.
  8. However the possibility exists that we have still missed some students who are eligible for registration (especially in common courses - which are still under process). If you meet criteria 1 and 2 above please write to either Madhav ( ), or Aditya ( ). They will collate all information and send it either to us or to the course instructor as the case may be.
  9. If you need to complete an institute or department elective as part of mandatory curriculum, and would like to register for a summer course that fulfills that requirement, then also please approach the student representatives. Note that the limit of 4 courses cannot be relaxed.


  1. The summer vacation is preponed and rescheduled as April 01, 2020 - May 31, 2020. There will be no formal on-line instructions during this period.
  2. The spring semester, 2019-20, is expected to resume on June 01, 2020 and, include class-room instruction till July 03, 2020 (five weeks) and end-sem examinations during July 04, 2020 to July 13, 2020. A detailed revised academic calendar is attached for your reference.
  3. On-line instructions conducted during March 16, 2020 - March 31, 2020 should remain available through out the semester and can be considered as part of the syllabus for the end-semester examination as per the wisdom of the respective course instructors. However, evaluations, if any conducted during this period, should not constitute any weightage for the overall assessment.
  4. The formal summer semester stands cancelled. Summer courses for students, who are currently in the final or later years, will remain open in self-study and on-line mode during April 01, 2020 - May 31, 2020. The students, who wish to register for summer courses (maximum up to 4), need not worry even if it takes a while for the course to begin and should contact their respective HoDs (Head of Department) to follow-up. However, the running of a summer course will be subject to the availability of the appropriate resources. Evaluation of all summer courses must be completed by June 09, 2020.
  5. Submission, presentation and assessment of all kinds of seminar and project work e.g. BTP, DDP, MTP, PhD credit seminar, etc. must be completed by June 30, 2020. Students, who have registered for any such project, are encouraged to be in touch with their supervisors over e-mail to continue to work, whatever possible, during April 01, 2020 - May 31, 2020.
  6. For PhD students, the presentation of APS and pre-synopsis, which are scheduled / warranted to be completed by April 30, 2020, should be considered in VC mode. In case there is any difficulty, a natural extension can be considered for the same till May 31, 2020.
  7. PhD students, who wish to submit PhD thesis from outside till April 30, 2020, are requested to contact their supervisor and [ , ]. A process will be set up soon to facilitate the same.
  8. Students with internship offers are requested to examine if they can start the same as soon as possible in "work from home" mode during April 01, 2020 - May 31, 2020 and avoid interference with the expected classroom instructional periods (i.e. during June 01, 2020 to July 03, 2020).