IIT Bombay partners with Kaspersky to promote cybersecurity in education and research projects
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<p>IIT Bombay signed an MoU with Kaspersky to jointly promote and foster the development of educational and research projects in the field of cybersecurity. This includes the exchange of knowledge and expertise, the development of educational materials, organisation of events aimed at raising cybersecurity awareness, as well as sponsorship of awards to encourage students to pursue careers in cybersecurity. We congratulate Prof. Virendra Singh and his team for this collaboration and look forward to their significant contribution in this area in association with Kaspersky.<br /><br />The ceremony was attended by Prof. Milind Atrey, Dean (R&amp;D), IIT Bombay and Adrian Hia, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Kaspersky along with Mr. Jaydeep Singh, Mr. Jesmond Chang, Ms. Trishia Octaviano, Mr. Saurabh Sharma and Ms. Shu En Liew from Kaspersky.<br /><br />https://kas.pr/i2y1</p&gt;